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Kee Gold Tester 1-1Kee Gold Tester 1-1

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The KEE Gold tester's focus is to make gold testing easy. One of the founders had been using several different meters that required a lot of steps to test one piece of gold. Noting the time and the materials being used, two other founding members decided efficiency, ease, and "no mess" were needed to improve the testing process. That goal has been achieved with the "Patented" KEE Gold "Prospector" M-509 and its upgraded firmware. Now, you can test thousands of grams of gold within minutes. You can take your bench pieces and put them on the conductor plate - and tap, tap, tap - within a few seconds to sort 10K, 14K, 18K, etc. There isn't an electronic tester on the market that comes even close to the speed, efficiency and reliability of SHR's KEE Testers.

1) Turn Kee Gold Analyzer(KGA) off when not in use (battery will die)

2) Keep Cap snapped on Wand when not in use (Wand will dry out)

1. With KGA off, adjust meter needle to bottom of red zone using the meter adjustment screw.

2. Turn KGA on.

3. Calibrate Unit with known piece of 18K, set meter to center of white zone using large knob.

4. Meter needle should be within or beyond the grey zone when on, adjust with large knob on right of KGA and retest 18K.

5. The meter needle should now have full range of the meter.

6. If the meter will not calibrate at room temperature, change the battery.

1. Turn KGA off and remove testing wand and wires.

2. Remove protective rubber cover.

3. Remove two Phillips screws.

4. Gently pull KGA apart.

5. Replace the one AA Battery with a fresh one, reassemble

A revolutionary, affordable and user friendly gold/platinum purity analyzer. This meter is a quick and easy nondestructive way to test gold and platinum. Test gold alloys from 10K to 24K without having to push a color button. Uses no messy gels or chemicals. Easy to read analog meter movement allows each individual user, after calibration, to become very efficient and comfortable testing gold on his/her meter. The testing probe refill comes with a new cap and polishing tip and is easy to replace. This allows the user to get many years of service from one meter. Uses one AA battery. Calibrate with 18K.

Kee warranties the meter for 6 months. SHR extends it for another 6 months for a total of 1-year warranty. The Pen Probes come with a 30-day warranty as long as we verify you have not left the cap off the pen which causes it to dry out and salt up.