ADA Compliance

SHR Precious Metals, Inc. is committed to ensure that its website is accessible to all of its users, including those with disabilities. Our website undergoes rigorous and regular testing so as to ensure that all the accessibility errors are fixed and that there are no barriers that can prevent a person with disabilities from accessing it.

Though we strive to adhere to all the accessibility guidelines and standards, it might not always be possible for us to do so in all the areas of our website, specifically those with any third-party content or features. In case any of the third-party content or features on our website is inaccessible to people with disabilities, SHR Precious Metals, Inc. will not be responsible for it.

We strive for continuous improvement as we increase our website's accessibility and are always on the lookout for ways to make it more accessible for every user. We thank you for being patient while these changes take effect. We always welcome any thoughts, comments or suggestions that will help us enhance our website’s user experience.

If you feel that any part of our website could use some work, or have any queries or need our assistance, please feel free to reach out to us by sending an email at or by calling us at (407) 413-3332