SHR's Refining Schedule

Welcome to SHR, where we create a moment of magic, not misery, for our clients. Founded in 2006, SHR has established itself as the only refiner who puts YOU in Control.

We provide a karat scrap calculator for shipped karat gold. Your karat gold is always considered and paid as plumb gold .417, .585, .750, etc. - and we never deduct for after melt weight loss. Approved accounts can simply enter current spot and dwt/gram of each karat to see the estimated settlement. Or, if you prefer, we are happy to smelt and perform our 24-step fire assay on your entire karat gold lot. The Minimum Treatment fee is $50, with 98% payout. We also pay 90% on the silver extracted from the karat gold's alloy. For this option, please note on your SHR Packing Slip and allow approximately 3-5 business days for labs to be completed.

Please allow 24 hours or 1 business day from the time your package is received by SHR and put in our check-in queue to the time you receive confirmation that your materials were checked in. We will also provide check-in notes and pictures, when applicable.

Two options for refining your silver are:

  • Karat Kalculator immediate settlement,
  • 90% of After-melt weight and assay with $0 in treatment fees. Please allow 1 week for labs to complete with option #2. Please note that Silver that assays between 1% and 79% is paid at 80%. $0 Treatment Charge.


  • SHR's Refining of Bench Filings is as follows:

    Au is 92% Payable, Ag is 90% Payable, Minimum Treatment Charge is $100. Bench Filings take 2 weeks.No Minimums.

  • SHR's Refining of Polishings & Buffings is as follows:

    Au 90% payable, Ag 90% payable, Minimum Treatment Charge is $200. AU $5.00/t.oz, Ag $0.50/t.oz, Pt $18.00/t.oz. Polishing dirt takes approximately 4-6 weeks. No Minimums.

  • SHR's Stone Removal:

    SHR's stone removal is paid at 97% of assay (aka Strip Lots/Acid Wash) and takes approximately 2 weeks. 100% of your stones are safely removed, cleaned and returned to you. CZs, if any, will be frosted. Minimum Treatment charge for gold stone removal is $175. Please note that you must have a minimum of 3-4 troy oz of gold with stones as long as there is 2+ carats of white stones (NO PLATINUM MIXED IN, PLEASE).
    Platinum stone wash lots are paid at 90% with $200 Minimum Treatment fee.

    Normal (non-stone wash) Platinum is paid at spot x .035 if you choose the karat calculator option with your karat gold. If you choose the melt and assay option with your karat gold, platinum is paid at spot x .04. If you choose to melt your platinum, it is paid at 80%. $0 minimum treatment fee.

  • SHR's: Gold Filled / Plated Metallics

    Gold Filled/Gold Plated is paid at 80%. $0 Treatment Fee.
    Silver Plated is Paid at $1.00/lb. $0 Treatment Fee.

Dead Watch Batteries are processed within 24 hours. We separate lithium and non-silver oxide batteries and safely dispose of them for you as well. We pay 1.5 times the silver spot for the price per pound of silver oxide button cells.

Please always include our SHR Packing List whenever you ship your scrap.

Your settlement options are eCheck, regular mailed check, same day wire, ACH (next day wire).

Please complete, sign and return our AML Certificate of Compliance so that your account can be activated.