Got Dead Batteries?

Got Dead Batteries? Bring them to SHR!

We buy your spent watch batteries and ensure your lithium cells are safely disposed of and recycled, reducing environmental impact.

We offer competitive prices for your dead batteries.

Price per pound = Silver spot price * 1.5
Price per pound = $25 * 1.5
Price per pound = $37.50

Don't worry about shipping costs! We reimburse USPS Priority flat rate shipping at a rate of $1 per pound of silver oxide button cells. Just send us your batteries in a flat-rate box, and we'll cover the shipping expenses.

If your spent batteries contain lithium, mercury, or non-silver oxide components, we will safely dispose of them at no charge. Our commitment to responsible recycling ensures that all hazardous materials are handled properly.

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch support and being #1 in customer service, straight from the Hartz!

Got Dead Batteries? Bring them to SHR!

#1 in Customer Service Straight
from the Hartz!

quote sign leftBest price I've ever received and fastest turnaround time too!quote sign right

-Annette Long Covington

quote sign leftBIG big THANK YOU to SHR Precious Metal Inc. Best prices I've ever received on old watch batteries. We found them them right here on JHJ! Great site.quote sign right

-Steve Mcquerry

quote sign leftJust sent a box to Steve- fast, easy and happy to have found him on JHJ!quote sign right

-Heather Wahl